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      Hi All, I have a lifetime dream of sailing the Kimberley’s with my family. I am new to sailing but want to know how risky this would be? Can anyone recommend the best options around timing of the year and steps I should take to ensure it is safe. I hope to hire a catamaran to do this trip. Planning 2025 at this point. Any advice would be appreciated

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      Hi, I suggest reading the forum and the data on this site as a good source of general info on the Kimberley coast. The cruising season is April to October, but June, July and August are the best weather wise.

      Inexperience on the water and sailing the KC are probably not very compatible. To be relatively safe in such a remote place, you need sailing experience and confidence in your vessel. Just to get there from Perth, or the eastern states is a big adventure and achievement in its own right.

      Hiring a vessel that you aren’t familiar with is not a good idea for such a trip. It’s also very unlikely that you will find an owner willing to bare boat rent you a vessel in such a remote area. Insuring a bare boat hire vessel would be almost impossible in the KC, and it would definitely be impossible to get insurance, as well as being illegal, to rent a vessel that is not in commercial survey for that purpose. You might need to rethink the hire boat idea. Hiring a commercial vessel with a professional skipper and crew may be an option, but think lots of $$$’s.

      My honest advise, is to buy a boat that is capable of such a trip, then get used to sailing it with your family before heading off to such a remote coastline as the Kimberley.

      I hope your dreams come true.


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