Anchorages is a list of our “Kimberley Members” favourite Kimberley cruising destinations with detailed information on each anchorage.

The anchorages can only be downloaded by KCCYC Members, but for an indication of what the anchorages are about, click here to download the “King George River” Anchorage.

Cruising vessels anchored in the King George River, East Kimberley.

Cruising vessels anchored in the King George River, East Kimberley.

Detailed Information Includes.

  • Navigation – Aus Chart number, latitude longitude, tides, local knowledge/hints/advice.
  • Google Maps – One or more Google maps or satellite photos with notes.
  • Way points – Where navigation is tricky, a list of previously used way points is included. (EG may include routes through uncharted areas, shallow areas, over river bars and anchorages where accuracy is important.)
  • Suggested anchorages at each place.
  • Things to do and see such as dinghy trips, walks, fishing, art, swimming holes etc.
  • Brief story on any history of the anchorage or nearby region.
  • Photos.
  • Fresh water availability shown on satellite photos.

Each Kimberley anchorage is in pdf format for you to download onto your vessel’s computer, or to print as a booklet. The list of anchorages is in order of traveling from east Kimberley to west Kimberley.

The General Information pdf explains some generic terms used in the anchorage pdf’s and some hints about boating in the Kimberley. Suggest you download this one first.

At the end of each anchorage you will find our disclaimer – read it before you use the information. You will also find the last date the info was updated so you can keep your copy up to date. Acknowledgment of the contributors of the information is also at the foot of each anchorage.

There are other sources of information on Kimberley cruising destinations – see our Resources pages or instance. Our aim is to provide a little more detail and a few more destinations than you may be able to find elsewhere; and more importantly, to regularly update the information from recent visits by our Kimberley Members.

Ongoing updates of the information is encouraged and anybody finding errors/omissions in the info, or has something to add to an anchorage, is asked to please contact us to make amendments. We are also seeking input on new anchorages, so please help by contacting us and share your favourite destinations. You don’t need to do the writing, we are happy to work with you to publish a new anchorage on the website.