YouTube Gallery

Since the KCCYC started in 2012, there has been a huge surge in YouTube video and use of small drones, which has given cruising boaties a fantastic way to record and share their sailing adventures with like minded people.

Some of the cruising families and crews who have sailed through the Kimberley Coast in recent times are producing a growing collection of publicly available YouTube videos. Some are basic, while others have obviously grasped the art of the video camera, drone photography and YouTube production.

Below is a selection of YouTube video of Kimberley Coast Sailing. If you haven’t been there yet, these will give you a taste of what to expect. Some have produced many videos in sequence or in a series of their adventures. There are too many to list, so if you like a particular producer, search YouTube for more videos in their YouTube channel.

If you have your own YouTube channel with relevant Kimberley coast video and would like it listed, please contact us through the Contact page.

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