Cyclone Anchorages.

This attached Document is a Cyclone Plan written by a KCCYC member in preparation for a trip into northern Australian waters, including the Kimberley coast, during the 2018/19 cyclone season. Thank you to Derek and the crew from Reef Life Survey for allowing us to publish the document.

The plan was written prior to the trip as a requirement by their insurers.

Most of the proposed cyclone anchorages in the document are untried and untested. Mainly because there is very little information available on this subject, probably due to the fact that few of us venture into these remote areas during cyclone seasons. But, for various reasons, boats are out there in cyclone seasons, and this document could help someone escape or survive a cyclone.

We’re seeking comments and feedback from experienced sailors who can offer advice and constructive comment, which can be used to review and refine the document. We will then either change, or add comments to the document to update it when appropriate. We would particularly like your ideas and advice on the suitability of the cyclone anchorages shown in the document, and any other cyclone anchorages you are aware of.

We encourage you to post a comment below if you have relevant information or advice to offer. Or, get in touch via the Contact page.


Cyclone Anchorages. — 1 Comment

  1. The Cyclone Mooring in Talbot Bay, “Cyclone Creek” can be occupied in the cyclone season by the horizontal falls floating hotel. In early April 2015 we intended to stay the night in here but arrived to find the Hotel tied to the mooring. The guys on the Hotel told us that as the Hotel swings on the mooring with the tide it uses up most of the small bay. I note that on the Google Earth photo in the document you can see the Hotel moored here.

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