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      The Endless Dream

      Hi, my wife Sue and I own a Grainger 1220 catamaran “The Endless Dream” and we are considering one last cruise before we settle into a land locked life. We are thinking about sailing north from Perth next winter through the Kimberley and arriving in Darwin after about six months.
      Is it possible, feasible and advisable to store the boat there somewhere and try to sell it while it is in Darwin or do you think we would have trouble attracting buyers to Darwin?

      Would we be better trying to get across to Queensland?

      Thanks in advance.
      John and Sue

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      Hi John and Sue.

      Darwin is harder than Qld to sell your boat, but not impossible. Plenty of people have sold yachts in Darwin. There are no yacht brokers in Darwin, and most buyers will have to travel there to see your boat without a broker to show them the boat, unless you meet them there.

      Sailing in Darwin during the wet season is limited to short trips out of Darwin. The wet season’s predominant W and NW wind and swell also limits the suitable anchorages. Weather also gets hot, wet and sticky.

      Suggest sailing on to Qld around late October – November when the E and SE trades drop off. If you’re lucky, you might snag a W – NW breeze across the top and down the Qld coast at that time of year. But don’t rely on it – expect reasonably strong SE breezes from Cape York to Cairns. South of Cairns, the easterlies can drop off a little at that time of year.



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      The Endless Dream

      Many thanks Ross, that’s extremely helpful.

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