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        The Government of Western Australia is proposing Marine Parks to manage access, fishing etc. in the Buccaneer Archipelago and surrounds.

        I encourage all KCCYC Members to have a say on the proposed Marine Park:

        Here’s some info and links from Recfishwest I received:

        “In their current form, the marine parks include a number of sanctuary zones and ‘special purpose zones (cultural protection)’.

        Under the zoning scheme proposed for the marine parks, many of these zones could result in the loss of access to fishing locations along the Dampier Peninsula and important locations within the Buccaneer Archipelago such as The Graveyard, Inland Sea and Robinson River.

        Recfishwest believes the management of WA’s aquatic resources – such as those in the Buccaneer Archipelago – should  incorporate the rights, interests, aspirations and culture of all stakeholders including Traditional Owners.

        Recreational fishers share many of the same values as Traditional Owners – we want a healthy environment with abundant fish stocks and to enjoy fishing with our families and friends.”



        Recfishwest is encouraging fishers to have their say on the proposed Buccaneer Archipelago marine parks

        DBCA’s website for more information



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