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      I don’t know if this has been flagged already. I am currently organizing all the permits for our cruise April-June and have been informed that I will need to organize a paid visitor permit for most of the western Kimberley. Their website is not up and running yet and hopefully it will be before my departure date. Price is the same as the UVP at $90 per person for 30 days.

      The map is available and you are restricted to sites on the map. Interestingly the Prince Regent River is not marked at all as a site. I have been informed that this is in National Park and as such yachts are permitted to visit, its just not clear from the map.

      Just thought others would like to know, although if applying for the unpaid lands permit you will be contacted about this. Cheers Mark

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      Thanks Mark. The Dambimangari Community have let me know the paid visitors permit is coming up this year, but I’m waiting for their on line application form to be completed before letting KCCYC Members know by newsletter.

      See location numbers 40 and 41 on their location schedule for Camp Creek in the Prince Regent. Both are “Access with Traditional Owner guide only”, which is effectively no access at all if you’re on a private vessel, because you’re unlikely to see a traditional owner guide out there.

      King Cascade is in the National Park and far as I’m aware, you can go there.

      You’re probably aware of it, but the permits are land only permits – you can take your boat anywhere on the water.

      Cheers, Ross

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      Hi Ross,

      I had a long phone call from a community representative and was told that the parts of the Prince Regent in the National park are accessible to all. As you say unfortunately the 2 sites you mention are pretty much off limits now to private boats.

      I was told booking will be via their website which isn’t yet online.

      Cheers Mark

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