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        1. From the list of categories under the “Kimberley Coast Boating Forum” heading, choose the category best suited to the topic you wish to start. Click on the category, and near the bottom of the page, type your new topic name in the “Create New Topic in………….” box.

        For example, if you want to ask what cleaning product people use to clean mould off fiberglass, you would choose the “Maintenance and Cleaning” category.

        2. Give your new topic a brief description in the “Create New Topic” box. EG “Clean mould off fiberglass” Use words that are particularly relevant to your subject, keep it short and don’t use unnecessary words. This helps the search function of the forum work more efficiently.

        3.Type your post or query and click the “Submit” button.

        4. If you want to change your post, enter the topic you started and click the “Edit” button. Please note that you cannot edit other users posts, you can only reply to them. The edit function lasts for approximately 30 minutes after you submit a post. After that it can only be edited by an administrator.

        5. As the author of the new topic, you may want to receive an email when someone replies to your topic. Tick the button “Notify me of follow-up replies via email.” Alternatively, you can click the “Subscribe” button.

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