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      Hi, I’m considering buying a Garmin In Reach SE+, has anyone used it for Kimberley cruising?

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      G’day,interested in these things so checked it out, Garmin has aquired Delorme,its mainly for text comunication and sending your position via iridium satellite (another $400 PA),its not intended for navigation from what i saw.Shame but, if it could use garmin maps it would save lugging a sat phone and Etrex when exploring on shore ,cheers steve

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      We’ve just bought one in prep for our kimberly trip in a few months time. Wil trying it for the first time over Easter break (great sandy strait near Fraser Island – east coast)

      Will let you know how it goes.

      We’re mainly hoping to use it to get weather reports via sat. But you’re also supposed to be able to connect to your mobile/ tablet/ garment GPS to send/ receive SMS’s and alert emergency services if you need help.





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      Looking at it from the SAR aspect only. In the Kimberley, even if you have one of these with you, also take a hand held VHF and a Personal Locator Beacon with you when you go ashore, or on your tender.

      If you get stuck ashore for any reason and cant get back to your boat in croc country, the VHF will allow you to talk directly to other boats or aircraft in the area, particularly if it is a rescue craft looking for you in a very remote spot.

      The Garmin In Reach looks like it does a similar job to a PLB, but for the sake of carrying a cigarette packet size, relatively cheap, easy to activate box of tricks, I would also be carrying the PLB.

      Cheers, Ross

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      MV Fonster

      Hi we purchased one recently and I am testing it now on our USA trip.

      seems to work very well.

      I opted for the 12 month plan at $75/month which will give us unlimited sms messages to and from the device. Definately the cheapest option for basic comms in remote areas.

      The tracking options will allow family and friends to see where we are and keep in touch.

      I used one last year on a trip to Abrolhos Islands and it worked well.

      Agree with Ross about keeping VHF HH with you at all times.

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      We’ve been using ours on the road and will continue to do so on the water for the next few weeks. Has worked a treat so far. You can see it tracking and posting messages at



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