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      Hi All Just opening a new thread having not found one similar on the forum here.

      I am preparing a large and unusual trailer sailer for exploring the Kimberley’s amongst other destinations commencing in the next few years. I understand an almost identical yacht to mine named Bheara ( Imexus 28) has already been used in this manner and friends of mine have cruised the Kimberley’s for many years in their Court 750 along with other people I know in a variety of other large TS’s.

      I owned a Jarcat 6 for many years and know of an Albany based gentleman who bravely cruised the Kimberley’s in his one of these. I am getting a bit too creaky to consider something this small and challenging these days whilst doing 5 weeks on my Jarcat in the much tamer Whitsundays back in 2000.

      I would love to connect with any other experienced TS sailers on this site for their tips and information.

      Regards Graeme

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