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    I recently spoke to Dean Kemp (the guy who sells fuel at Dogleg Creek) to make sure we would be able to buy fuel at Dogleg Creek on our early April trip through the Buccaneer Archipelago. Dean explained to me that because of Koolan Island mining recommencement, they had not had time yet to organise a Barge to sell fuel from (Dean also runs the barges that supply Koolan Island). However they will be selling fuel from the jetty on Cockatoo Island and hope to organise a barge to be at Dogleg as soon as possible. Both Diesel and Petrol will be available from Cockatoo Island and the petrol is the same price as last year, $650 per 200l drum. The Bar at Cockatoo Island will soon be open for anyone to call into for a drink or meal but it may not be open on April 1st as anticipated. There are still some hoops to jump through to organise a liquor licence.

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    Thanks for the update Blechy. Always good to get a heads up on these matters. Might see you out on the water this season. Cheers, Kevin

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