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    MV Fonster

    Does anyone have updated information regarding Cockatoo Island Resort re start up and the possible access to chartering the resorts light aircraft for crew transfer.

    At the recent KCCYC Talk Fest Ms Gaye Wotherspoonfrom the resort advised April 2019 was a possible start up date ??.

    We will be spending 4 weeks in the Buccaneer Archapelaco July/Aug 19 and I am trying to organize crew transfers.

    br Dave

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    Hi Dave,

    See below extract from an email I received from Gay last night. I emailed  her about the aircraft charter for the Cockatoo Island airstrip for crew transfers and resupply. Will let you know if any news in this regard.

    You can also try phoning Dean K direct. His number is in the Fuel in the Kimberley write up under Dog Leg Creek. He can be hard to get hold of if he’s at sea.

    Hi Ross


    Just a quick update on the Yampi fuel supply.


    Fuel, both diesel and unleaded will be available from Cockatoo Island this season. The first vessels of the Kimberley cruising season have already called in. Fuel will be available as per the tidal availability of getting to the wharf at the township beach.


    Fuel will also be available at DogLeg serviced by either the Jaya or the Robert Ladlow barges, depending which is in the creek at the time.


    The fuel pontoon is being refurbished at this time.


    Vessels can call on Channel 16 to advise their arrival as per usual.






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    Hi Dave, See below email I received from Gaye. It appears their own aircraft is not ready to start flights to Cockatoo yet. But reading between the lines, it looks like you can fly in on a privately chartered plane from Derby or Broome, provided you get permission to land etc  from the Cockatoo Office in Perth. I suggest you make some phone calls to tentatively arrange things before leaving Perth. If you are successful arranging an aircraft, please post it back up here so others can use the info.

    Cheers, Ross.

    Hi Ross


    As promised info for people wanting to fly supplies and people into Cockatoo.


    Travellers need to contact the Cockatoo office in Perth on (08) 92265444 for permission and to notify intention of flight arrival times etc so the airstrip can be prepared. A full time office is not available at the island at this time.


    Cheers Gaye

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    MV Fonster

    thanks Ross,

    I will follow up with the Perth office when we get back from USA. I will update the forum with any new information.

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    Hey Dave ,

    Cygnet Bay is cheapest  for  crew transfer,   road or plane , Horizontal Falls seaplane will do transfers but around 700 a seat back to Broome,  I have chartered  a Mallard from Pasparley Darwin to king George for around $8000 . You might get a barge run back to Derby from kempy.   Avair gave me a quote for cockatoo for about 5000 to Broome pay load 1100kg max 13 pax  ?KAS  will do heli transfers As well depending how many crew 4 /6  ..

    Hope that helps


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