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      If you’re planning a cruise to the Kimberley in 2022, use this topic to post a brief outline of your sailing plans. You can arrange to meet up with other vessels, cruise in company, ask questions, get info etc.

      Hope to see you out there.


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      Hi All

      We are planning a trip ex Derby late April/early May next year for about a month. Going as far as Honeymoon Bay then back to Derby. After that will tackle King George and Berkeley from Wyndham for another week or so.

      Myself and my wife are flying solo due to a late withdrawal from another boat.

      We are in a bright blue 6.4m Stabicraft, ‘Blue Horizon’ If you are out there during this time look out for us and do come and say hi. Will post a picture, just waiting on some mods to be finished.

      Have been plotting and planning for 18mths during covid so feel we are well prepared. And yes, in case you are wondering we do have remote experience…

      The KCCYC site has been a gold mine of information, thanks so much to Ross and many others behind the scenes for providing such a valuable service.

      If there are any other trailer boat folks planning or thinking about a trip next year do get in touch. We can swap notes and see if we have compatible plans and travel ideas.

      Ian and Mieneke Collins

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      Wife and I have plans to leave Perth in April 2022 and working our way up coast to Darwin taking in the sights along the way. We should be in the region around August with a view to make Darwin before the wet. Then next year going over the top with exploring the east coat for the next 3 to 4 of years. Full time live aboard flyin flyout still running my business….

      Starting planning in detail over the next couple of month. Will create a thread when have more context.

      More questions to follow while I get my head around some of the issues. Currently working on Insurance including cyclone plans, has anyone done there current plan for 2022? I feel I have to get the squared away first. I have a number of plans from a contact but they are commercial type and looking for a recreational example. Trying to keep it as simple as possible.

      Membership is paid Thanks for the Merch. Looking forward to seeing you all next year. Thanks Ross and Co.

      Contented Cruising

      Alex and Catherine




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        Hi Alex and Catherine,

        If you are at sea in a cyclone area in the non cyclonic months (May – October), you shouldn’t need a cyclone plan for your insurance. My policy states that the vessel must be in a cyclone rated marina during a named cyclone. If you are leaving your boat in Darwin over the wet, there are 3 cyclone rated marinas. The norm in Darwin in the wet season, is not to sail any more than a few days away from the marina, so you can get back there quickly if a cyclone develops.

        Check your policy carefully, as there are very few insurance companies that will insure private boats in northern waters, except when they are transiting through and not left unattended. Even then, its likely you will need to get the insurer’s written permission to go above the 26th parallel, and there may be strict conditions such as the vessel cannot be left unattended while moored, which usually includes moored in a marina.

        Cheers, Ross.

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