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    Malcolm Hawke

    I intend travelling to the Kimberley this season. Does anyone know if you cruise above the 23.5 degrees South after 1st April if you have to advise your insurance company and if so, did they have to pay an extra premium for the time in the Kimberley.

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    Hi Malcolm,

    I haven’t heard of advising the insurer about sailing north of the Tropic of Capricorn at any time of year. Some policies require the vessel to be moored in a cyclone rated marina during cyclone season. In recent years, many insurers will not insure boats permanently moored in the NT, but that should not effect you if you are just cruising through the area and not staying there.

    My policy covers me for up to 200NM off the Australian coast without restrictions on locality. If you have any doubt about your policy, you should contact the insurer for clarification.


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    Hi Malcolm,

    It seems your 26th parallel query insurance is valid. Please see below an extract from the Fremantle Sailing Club cruising forum. For privacy reasons, I have left out the name of the FSC member.

    My boat is permanently above the 26th parallel, so I assumed it doesn’t affect me policy. But I’ve just sent an email to my insurance broker to confirm anyway. (Just in case)




    Hi All 

    I have noticed a change in the wording of our vessel insurance this year. I think it would be worth while asking any of your friends who are up north this year, if they have obtained written approval from their insurer. 

    I have checked with our insurer and I advise that our insurance is not valid beyond the 26th parallel, the moment we step off the vessel. This is regardless of whether the boat is at anchor or secure in a marina, eg Exmouth or Darwin, and applies during a simple trip ashore. 

    At a glance the endorsement appears to only affect vessels being left on a mooring, however, the new wording includes anchoring and does not specify any time frame. 
    The bottom line is, you can’t sail past the 26th parallel and stay comprehensively insured unless you get a written ok from the insurer. I have not asked if an increased premium will be payable, however, it would seem likely. 

    This situation applies regardless of the seasons and is therefore not cyclone related. Last year the word “anchored” was not included in the endorsement and therefore read as if it only applied to vessels left unattended on a mooring or jetty. 

    The possible scenarios are endless. Theft, fire from a genset left running, dragging anchor, collision by an uninsured vessel, sinking etc etc. 

    Anyway I thought it was worth mentioning before someone learns about this the hard way. 

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