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    Well don’t say you weren’t warned, I don’t think the charges are value for money. We traveled from Broome to Wyndham six years ago by boat and visited many of these sites, after viewing a couple they became monotonous; except for one site that was “restored” with modern paints under the guidance of the “elders” (bloody vandalism). I have lived 49 years in the Kimberley region and have seen the destruction and reinventing of their “culture” by grog and the intelligentsia.

    Divide and conquer.

    Fair winds, Steve.










































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    Bad To The Bone

    Yep it is turning into a business it is wrong that us locals are also getting hit with the fee’s.It’s our back yard too.

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    Wait till they sought out this blue mud bay bullshit (its only been 10 years) you’ll be able to enjoy the kimberley through a pair of binoculars anchored 5 kilometres out at sea. (Kaka-don’t) Did I say don’t get me started. Geez we had it pretty good for a while though . Cheers  bingo

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