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        Hi All,

        Last year we successfully completed our Kimberley Cruise from Derby to Darwin in our 28ft, 37year old trailer sailer. Information gained on this forum was invaluable so I thought I would give back to any considering a trailer boat trip.

        I have completed a series of 9 videos of the trip, the first a road trip up from Vic followed by 8 sailing from Derby and Ending in Darwin. Like all things Kimberley you learn much along the way and I have tried to include at least some of these lessons in the videos. In swift bay we had a croc nearly sink our inflatable overnight, carrying a very large repair kit save us from not having a tender for half the trip.

        Hope some might find them at least a bit helpful in planning their own Kimberley adventure. I know its been said a million times……..absolutely stunning magic part of Australia, bigger than words can describe and is a must for any bucket list.

        Cheers Mark

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          Thanks Mark, watched them all, now very excited about our trailer boat trip next year !

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              Hi Ian, Plan well, use a lot of common sense and you will have a ball, an experience you will never forget!

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                Hi Ian

                What TS are you planning the trip in and where are you located?
                I have been seeking a capable other TS owner to travel in company with at some time as my very experienced friends (10 plus Kimberley’s ts expeditions) have recently got too frail to do another finally as I am about ready to.
                I early retired 20 years ago and had a Mach 28 build commenced to go sailing there when life threw me a curve ball via an unexpected late life daughter.
                I have finally slightly early still retired again with a new partner and my daughter has just flown the nest . We have an Imexus 28 close fully equipped and ready to go.
                We completed a six week live onboard shakedown cruise mid last year and intend a 3 month full test on the Barrier Reef July to October this year along with other shorter cruises.
                We have been invited sailing in Greece next year but the dream of doing an extended cruise to the Kimberley’s is paramount.🙂

                I have sailed and then cruised Trailer Sailers for just over 50 years now but mostly in much smaller ones than my current close to maximum trailerable big 28 footer.

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