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    We are planning our Kimberley in a few months time and ask what is the best satphone and  the best provider of a service there.

    Weather is the critical need along with the ability to receive and send emails.



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    We are planning to travel from Bundaberg to Broome and back again this year.  We have a Sailor 150 Broadband system, which cost us around $6,000 several years ago.  I have just received a quote for data usage from an Australian company – data usage 25 mg is around $1,000 per month.  That’s ridiculous and won’t even be enough data to get the weather report every day.  I am currently searching for something better/cheaper.  Hoping there is someone out there with some answers.


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    I haven’t looked to closely at it yet, but from other people’s comments Iridium Go seems to be the choice around the world.

    Apparently $125pm unlimited data, not sure about voice.

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    Thanks for your comments.  We have purchased an Irisium Go after comsultation with a couple of yachting who used the system travelling around the world, a neighbour who does electronics on many trawlers as well as pleasure boats and a seller in WA who has tested several systems and believes the Irisium Go is the best out there at this time.   The only thing we won’t have is internet browsing but no doubt that will come in a few years.  I would have liked to look up history etc on places we are going to visit but I will now do that whilst cruising when we have internet available.

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