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      Hi Everyone,

      I’m furious & disgusted. I have just spent well over an hour cleaning up after some self centred pigs.

      On a beach just near Shelter Bay / Prudho Island I found where someone had a fire. First I thought, dirty sods have had a boozy party on the beach but looking at what I picked up I think they in fact burnt their rubbish.


      What brain dead person thinks glass will burn ! 

      Never mind the tin cans, bottle tops & alfoil.

      The glass wasn’t from stubbies or wine bottles, was thiner and had shattered, was several different jars by the looks. The fire was on large shell / coral grit so the bits of glass had fallen down between the lumps of grit.  I got all the dozens & dozens of bits that I could see but no doubt some smaller shads have fallen further down between the grit.

      We see the same thing exactly with road travel in the North Kimberley. Any remote area where there are no proper disposal points regardless if Ocean or land then you have to be prepared to deal correctly with your rubbish.

      I have often heard the moan …… but it smells. Well no it doesn’t if you deal with it correctly.

      Wash it, squash it, seperate it.

      So have a ‘ burnie bag’ for all paper and cardboard, burn that where you can for certain control your fire, just make sure it’s all burnt not a half a job.

      Then have a ‘ hard bag’, so all tins, bottles, alfoil, milk cartons, and anything that won’t burn.

      Wash all tins and jars as you use them and don’t say you don’t have the water to spare, if need be then get a bucket of salt and use that to rinse with.

      Long life milk cartons will squash really flat and then put the lid back on, that stops them opening back out and also keeps any smell inside. Some plastic like 2 ltr juice bottles will cut up easily so then take up lots less space. Tin cans of different sizes will stack inside each other, the lids will fit inside the cans which will stop the sharp lids cutting the rubbish bags. If you drink stubbies then be prepared to deal with the bulk glass or change over to tins just for the remote trip so that you can squash the cans.

      Double bag (so less likely to get a hole in the bag) all your hard rubbish and take it home or to next proper disposal point.

      I find amazing, people can fit the stuff ok when it’s full and they want it but suddenly when it’s empty and no use to them anymore then they it can’t fit it on board or in the camper van.

      We constantly pick up glass jars and bottles from beaches, this also is disgusting, these could have come from near or far but what I just found can only have been from a boat on a coast trip.

      If everyone cruising the coast acted in this manner our fantastic coast would be a total disgrace, a disgusting mess in no time flat.

      There is NO excuse for this behaviour at all. Out here your rubbish is your problem, so deal with it correctly.

      Wash it, squash it, seperate it. 

      Sorry for the rant, I’m just so angry about what these imbeciles did but I’m sure 95% of folks always do the correct thing.

      Cheers, Anne

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      Tahlai Tiger

      Hi all

      My question is, what do you do with food waste ?


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      Hi Jan,

      On our boat, if we are out for long periods, food scraps go overboard. But choose carefully where you chuck it, as it attracts crocs.

      Cheers, Ross.



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