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        Dear KCCYC members,

        Paul Jensen here – a Queenslander living in the UK but preparing for a return to Oz. Currently completing RYA Day Skipper course here, with a week on Solent coming up.

        Wife (Andrea) and I are working towards buying a small catamaran with the dream of spending considerable time in the Kimberley region, likely successive seasons once we arrive FT in 2027 (early retirement).

        In preparation, I am reading every forum comment and watching a variety of YouTube clips. Further, to gain experience, I would very much welcome the opportunity to crew for any sailers late July through August in coming years. I would fly to Darwin initially, but can then get to Broome or Derby easily. Being a Headteacher I have limited windows but am making a genuine request to learn from experienced Kimberley sailers. I would pay for own food, contribute to fuel and work hard.

        If this request belongs under a different topic, please advise.

        Looking forward to meeting members in years to come, especailly the annual party.

        Paul Jensen

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