How do I submit a reply or question on an existing topic?

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        1. To type a reply or a question to the forum topic you are looking at, click “REPLY” on the top line of the topic box you are looking at, or alternatively, scroll down to the bottom of the page where it reads “Reply To: (Name of the topic you are replying to)“. Under that there is a text editing box with 2 tabs – “Visual” and “Text” at the top right corner. Click on “Visual”, which make the text editing box work similarly to other text software you have likely used before, with normal features such as auto spell checking, bold, italics, bullet points, numbering points and justification.

        If you want to add a link to the internet, with your left mouse button, highlight the text you wish use as the link, click on the link icon at the top of the text editing box, then paste the URL for the link into the Insert/Edit Link box that appears. There is no need to enter a title for the link, just click the Add Link button in the box.

        You can tick the Notify me of follow-up by email button if you want to receive an automated email when someone else replies to the same topic.

        You can also include up to 4 attachments such as photos or graphics in the Attachments: box. See the forum topic on How do I insert a photo or graphic into a forum post? for instructions.

        Dont forget to click “Submit” when you’ve finished your reply.

        You can edit your reply after it is posted by clicking the “Edit” button at the top of the topic page. Note that editing is allowed for about 30 minutes only, after you have posted your reply. If you wish to edit your reply after that, please use our Contacts Page and we will edit it for you.

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