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    We have just completed our 5th trailerboat trip from Derby to the Buccaneer Archipelago. There are a few things that may be helpful to other travellers. There is not much water available around the coast this year as most of the waterfalls are dry or close to it however water is still available from Silvergull Creek although nobody maintains the hose now so may not be available in the future. Croc Creek is still running so water can be obtained there. Fuel is available from Cockatoo Island this year, Call “Cockatoo Island on Ch 16 and give Mick 15 minutes to get down to the jetty. 6m of tide will give you about 1.5m of water at the jetty. The JAYAR and the ROBERT LADLOW Barges are pretty full on carting freight to Koolan Island so probably won’t be available to purchase fuel from, but they are moored out the front of Dogleg Creek infrequently and do have a couple of drums of ULP each and Diesel. Hope this info is helpful to someone.


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