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      As described in the WA Cruising Guide edition 5.1, page 288, Antony “Zorba” Burton came out with 180 litres of diesel to us in Gantheaume Bay.

      (Yes, we are on a sailboat. 180 litres Darwin to Broome due to 9 days of windless motoring.)

      He obtained the diesel from the BP bulk station in Broome and passed on the price of $1.739 per litre with the BP receipt.

      He charges $50 for the service. His moorings cost $36 per night.

      Takes cash, which is most convenient at boat side, tho’ will arrange a bank transfer ahead of delivery.

      His pump has a 10 micron filter and our sight glasses now show whistle clean fuel.

      Antony has a tank in his dinghy that holds 400l. Very friendly fellow – info at broomemoorings.com.au, 0406 938 540.

      Antony suggests a source for larger quantities would be Arrow Pearl Company in Beagle Bay on the Dampier Peninsula – https://www.arrowpearl.com.au/ – apparently they are trying to diversify and cater to tourism.

      Thank you Kim and the Freemantle Sailing Club (again)!

      Jeff Boyd and Anne-Marie Fisher
      SY Kaitoro
      Mumby Cybercat48

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