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      HI can someone give me fuel availability at honey moon bay and kuri bay thanks sv spirit of sherry

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      At the moment, Honeymoon Bay is a Covid Restricted Area and not open to travellers. It’s unknown when that status will change. To keep updated on the restricted areas, including Honeymoon, see this WA Government website. https://www.wa.gov.au/organisation/department-of-the-premier-and-cabinet/covid-19-coronavirus-remote-aboriginal-communities-travel

      Even if Honeymoon does open again before the 2021 dry season, you will need to arrange the fuel to be delivered there from Kununurra in 200 litre drums and pay a small storage fee to the camping ground. I suggest allowing several weeks to arrange this in advance.

      Kuri Bay is unclear at this stage. You will need to contact Paspayley Pearls directly around April. The contact details are in the Fuel In the Kimberley Anchorage Also depends on how much fuel you will need. They will generally only supply minimum quantity of 1000 litres.

      Sorry I cant be more helpful. The only 99% definite options for fuel this year are Shore Barge from Darwin, which you also need to arrange in advance. The barge arrives in West Bay about every 2 weeks. The other is Dog Leg Creek in Yampi Sound. They have told me that fuel will be available from around April.

      I hope to have more info from Paspayley Pearls as the dry season gets closer. But understandably, they are very cautious of making any commitments when the Covid rules can change in a day in WA. When I get more info on fuel availability, I’ll post it in the News and Events page.

      Cheers, Ross..

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      Thanks Ross have contacted pasparly pearls and you can get fuel in kuri bay as per usual arangments with contacting darwin office in advance but could change if emperor McGowan shuts down state cos of the flu regards dave

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      Hilarious  You don’t have to look far to see the consequences of doing nothing,  Imagine if he the (Emperor) had to close the iron ore mines because of the flu.  Brazil’s a pretty good example

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