Don't use Crab Traps in West Australian waters.

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      The following is an extract from an email I received from one of our members recently. If you’re coming from the Eastern States, you’ll probably have crab traps on board. Unless you like expensive muddies, it’s worthwhile leaving your traps in Darwin. Download the WA Recreational Fishing Guide.

      “Ross, another issue worth warning people about. I recently did the delivery voyage of my 17mtr Powercat from Brisbane to Perth.

      During the Queensland and NT sectors of the voyage we were using crab traps, the style that whist legal in those states are not to be used in W.A. waters

      We were carrying 6 of these on board, stored in the hulls with ropes and floats removed, 4 were still in usable condition and the other 2 had been molested by Crocs and were unrepairable and only fit for the bin

      We stopped overnight at Doubtful Bay and were subject to an inspection by W.A. Fisheries, our 8 drop net style crab nets, appropriately roped and floated were OK, our mud crab catch was legal in both size and quantity

      During the inspection we volunteered that we had the other nets (traps), that they were unrigged (some damaged) and that we had not used them since arriving in W.A. waters

      These nets were confiscated and an infringement notice issued, our explanation that since leaving Darwin we had no prior opportunity to dispose of the nets other than throwing them overboard was ignored

      Upon arrival I received a fine of $200 for carrying these nets, further explanation to “head office” were fruitless and I am now seeking to have the matter heard in the local magistrates court.”

      Drop Net – Legal in WA Waters


      Crab Trap – Illegal in WA Waters.



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      WoW it seem WA really doesn’t want visitors

      what has happened to common sense !

      I understand rego’s and fishing Licences and Boat Licences (even though we don’t have them in the NT)

      But if you try to do the right thing and get Fined ( That’s just Wrong )

      I hope the member wins his court case ( I really think we should all chip in )

      it affects us all !!

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      Luna Sea

      Has there been any update on the outcome from magistrates court?

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      I asked for an update on this issue and our Member’s response was as follows.

      Ross, I did not pursue the matter in the local magistrates court because after considerable “argy-bargy” the fine was reduced, in the most part to a warning and although I still felt wronged in principle I paid the reduced ($100) fine because it was all too hard!

      “I was offered the opportunity to collect my traps from Broome office. I explained the only reason I would be in Broome would be as I transited thru by boat and asked what exception they could apply to allow me to collect the traps so as to safety take them back in NT waters. No sensible response. So,the traps remain in Broome office, the department will not dispose of them until I advise that I do not intend to collect them. They remain there!

      To add to this sorry saga, I was in Darwin a few weeks back and was told about another KCCYC Member who had almost exactly the same thing happen last dry season. He had legal drop nets on board for crabbing in WA waters, and his traps were stowed below, because he lives on his boat in Cullen Bay Marina and had nowhere ashore to leave his traps. They confiscated his traps and fined him $200. They told him he could collect his traps from Broome, provided he wasn’t on the boat when he went to Broome to collect them. Last I heard, was that he is so pissed off, he was going to drive to Broome to pick them up.


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