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    Hi All,

    My trip to the West Kimberley is now only weeks away, and i am wondering whether it is worthwhile purchasing domestic travel insurance? Is there any benefit? Have people looked into this before?

    I thought perhaps in the event of an emergency medical situation you might avoid a big bill for a helicopter incase private wouldn’t pick up the tab?

    Also, beyond the basic first aid kids what are the must haves that people take with them?




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    Hi Noords,

    I doubt if your private health cover will cover the cost of an evac flight. I think a travel policy would need to have a specified cover included for evac from a private boat. Your boat’s marine insurance might cover for certain personal injury events. Check with your insurer. My experience with insurance is that there is usually a max payout limit on specified cover.

    For serious medical emergency at sea, phone AMSA Search and Rescue. They are the best equipped to get you out quickly, and my understanding is that if it’s a genuine rescue, they will do it for free. See clause 6 in this document.

    We visit our doctor, or a travel doctor before we go cruising, and get scripts for antibiotics to take with us for various things. See this link for a list. medikit20180330_15495458

    Take various sizes of waterproof dressings. Its very hard to get normal bandaid type dressings to stick when you’re often getting wet.

    Alcohol is usually a good pain killer, but dont forget the panadol for the hangover.

    Cheers, Ross.

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