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      Hi all,

      I am planning on sailing from Darwin to Perth in the next few weeks and plan to stop off at a few places in the Kimberley. Unfortumately I am pushed for time this year so only have a month to spare. I will revisit next year if life permits.

      I have a 40ft monohull which draws 2.1mts and would welcome any suggestion on stop off points between Darwin and Broome which will be accessible with this draft.



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      Hi Phil,

      Good luck trying to see much of the Kimberley in 1 month. You will just scratch the surface.

      I suggest you download all the Anchorages from The KCCYC website. The info in there will keep you busy for about 2-3 months at least.

      If you haven’t already got one, buy a copy of the Fremantle Sailing Club’s 4th edition of “West Australian Cruising”.  It’s invaluable for the trip you are doing.

      Use the list of places in east to west order from the anchorage pages in this website. You will get into most of them with a 2.1M draft. You just have to be careful entering the rivers and always go over river bars, or shoal areas on a rising tide, just in case. The really shallow places are noted as such in the anchorages.

      Once you are west of the Osborne Islands, there’s plenty more places you will get into that we haven’t got around to writing anchorages about yet, but they will have basic info in the West Australian Cruising sailing guide book, and you can download Dennis and Annette Ford’s Kimberley leaflets from here. It has additional info on some of the more popular places to see.

      The above should give you more than enough places to choose from for 1 month’s cruising.  Have fun.


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