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    If you’re planning a cruise to the Kimberley in 2016, post a brief outline of your plans here to meet up with other vessels, ask questions, get info etc.

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    Endless Summer

    Hi everyone,

    We have just brought our plans for our first Kimberley Cruise forward a whole 12 months and are now planning to head off at the end of March 2016. we will be leaving from Mindarie in a 10.4m Voyager cat. Would love to hear from any of you who are planning to go, or have been.

    Linda and Ken


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      Hi KCCYC Members, After having our first experience through the Kimberley in 2014, we are planning to do it again in 2016 in my vessel Queste – Riviera 60 – home port of Fremantle.
      We indicitavely are planning a boys delivery departing Exmouth in the first week of June 2016, navigating via the Montebello Islands & Rowley Shoals to Silver gull creek (missing Broome). We will spend approx 12 days delivering the boat to Darwin.
      Our more significant trip will depart Darwin late June and spend 5-6 weeks cruising east-west with my wife, Ngaire, and my 2 kids Amelia, 13 & Mason, 11. Last year we had the most fantastic experience and will be doing it again with our kids and far more time up our sleeves.
      This time we won’t have a inflatable dingy as we have just upgraded to a Polycraft 4.1m. I recall we had 7 leaks and a sizeable hole to contend with in the brand new RIB last year. We clocked up over 220NM exploring every day so I endorse Ross’s comments regarding RIBs.
      Looking forward to a great Kimberly cruising season.

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    Hi all,

    We have a 42ft Wharram cat in Darwin and looking to depart for the Kimberleys early April 2016, returning around September. We aim to be on the Qld East coast January 2017.  As always, these dates are flexible. We cruise gently and reasonably slowly when we can.

    Have never been to the Kimberleys, we would really appreciate sailing in company with others, both for the safety aspect as well as the social.

    If anyone is going this way around this time, we would love to hear from you ( [email protected] )

    John & Kat


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    Hi all,

    We are new to KCCYC. Our yacht ‘Sengo’ is a 2014 Leopard 48 sailing catamaran and we hope to take her ‘over the top’ during the 2016 sailing season. We are looking at leaving from the Brisbane area – possibly March (ish). At this stage, no research has been done. Any advice with regard to where we should be when (i.e. avoiding dominant winds etc) would be most appreciated.

    Andrew and Trish – sv Sengo – [email protected]

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    Soft Soul

    Good morning and all the best for 2016 🙂

    On board our beloved NEVER LAND, who is an (extended, so now ) 44″ Brava PowerCat we are planning to cruise around the top and visit the Kimberleys for the first time….We are living in the Whitsundays and plan to start around April… being a powerboat it’s just hard to get organized if you just think about fuel…. This will also be our very first long trip, the only other longer trip we’ve done was cruising from Port Stephens(NSW)  to Airlie Beach…. so we are quite excited and yes, also a bit scared…..

    Due to our grade of experience we decided to not travel overnight…. Is there anyone out there who started from the Whitsundays, in a powerboat and was also only traveling @daylight ?

    And again :  all the best for 2016 and meet you on the water


    Verena & Ingo Vaid

    [email protected]


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    David George

    Joanne and Dave, on “Alyssa Lee” will be heading up to the Kimberly and on across the top this year. It’s been 15 years since our last visit to the Kimberly and we expect that much has changed, particularly with regards to this Cruising YC, of which we are new members. We look forward to meeting other KCCYC members and possibly travelling together. We know from past experience that many of the more remote locations are better visited in company.

    Our plan is to leave Fremantle towards the end of April and cruise slowly north, day sailing when we can. We’ll spend some time at the Abrolhos, Shark Bay, and the islands between NW Cape and Dampier. We then hope to be in Broome early July and spend a good couple of months cruising the Kimberly before heading on to Darwin.

    Alyssa Lee is a Jeanneau 40.2, shoal draft. We look forward to meeting other KCCYC members, wish everyone the best for 2016 – especially everyone heading north.

    Joanne & Dave George
    [email protected]

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    Endless Summer

    Hi Everyone
    It,s a very quiet Kimberly season this year by the looks of it

    Our plans are going great, just a few more bits to get sorted .

    Missed the BBQ at Ross’s last year but would love to talk to any of you that have done it So we can double check our plans.

    Is the Berkley River BBQ happening this year? Haven’t seen anything posted

    Cheers Lyn and Ken

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    Hi Lyn and Ken,

    I think it may be a busy season. I’ve heard about quite a few boats heading up from Perth this dry season.

    I’m holding another get together at my place, probably early March. I’ll send out info on a newsletter in the next week.

    Also planning the Berkeley River Beach Party for early July. The Berkeley Lodge guys aren’t back after the wet season for a few weeks yet, so I cant set a date until I talk to them. I’ll send out invites to all as soon as I have a definite date, probably first week in July.

    All the best,



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    Hi all,


    We are 3 power boats planning to leave Perth mid May arriving in Broome 3/4th of June and be at the Berkeley River for the beach party in early July, then back to Perth around the end of August.

    We are planning crew changes at Talbot Bay, and the Mitchell River on the way up and back.

    Looking forward to meeting others in early March and picking up info on what to visit and avoid along the way.

    Alan Tink

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    Hi All,
    We are a power boat and will be leaving Darwin at the end of the wet season? early April or late April as it might be. We are not sure how far we will get but will allow the weather to be our friend.
    We look forward to meeting some other boats this year as last year we met only 1 cruising boat in 6 months when we were travelling from Cairns to Darwin.
    John and Christine

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    Kinetic Energy

    Big Hello to all,

    That time of the years is fast approaching where the cold weather pushes from our mooring field and the north beckons us. Fiona and I have planned be taken off on our 40ft Cat Kinetic Energy from Rockingham over to the East coast we are leaving a month later than last year due to being caught by a cyclone last time. We hope to sailing in company with another couple from Fortuna. Two Grainger Chincogans sailing together is an awesome sight to behold.

    Rough Plan would be

    Leaving Rockingham 1st May – Abrolhos Islands  then into shark bay

    arriving Carnarvon Mid May. Sail off a couple days later hopefully with two other cats from Carnarvon. Day sail up the NW coast and jumping off to the Montebello islands. for a few days of swimming fishing and snorkeling. From there over to the Dampier to catch up with friends arriving somewhere around the end of May.

    Depart couple of days later for Blaze bay on the southern end of Eighty mile beach a days or so there chasing fish and mud crabs. Shoot up the coast to Broome arriving there 7th June or so. Top up on everything catch up with friends then off north day sailing up to the cape. Jump off from the cape on the tide for our run across king sound arriving a copper mine creek for a bit of fishing and some of the best oyster you have ever eaten. From a quick couple hours up to Silver gull and beers at the Squatters Arms and a fresh water swim.

    Depart from Silver gull and day sail stopping at some of our favorite places. Stop as we want or stay as long as we wish meeting old and making new friends along the way.

    Round Cape Londonderry at the end of June and then up the West coast of Blown-apart gulf. Stop off at a few of favorite places (lost City) etc. a snappy trip up to Wyndam to pick up a couple friends. Back to Barkley for the Beach Party.

    Depart Barkley and either head back up the coast or shoot across to the east coast Arrive Darwin around the middle of July. Damn will miss Territory Day.

    From this point on it is a mixture of day hops and waiting until we get something half deceit to round York and make our way down the east coast (don’t know a lot about that part of the world)

    We do have a dog onboard, this is his third trip through the area and we have had no problems, we are careful where we anchor and never do things the same way nor do we stay more than a couple of days. Pop over for a chat and drink and we hope to see you out and about.

    SV Kinetic Energy

    Note: All Plans and dates have the tendency to change as Weather dictates; Weather we can be bothered to leave a great place. Weather it’s a crappy out sailing.

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    Lesley Brooker

    Hi, We are Lesley and Keith and our poodle BJ on G’day, a 42’ Lagoon Catamaran. We sailed around the top from our home port of Mooloolabah, Qld last season and have been based in Mangles Bay, Rockingham since mid October 2015. We will be sailing back through the Kimberley to Qld this season.

    We intend leaving Mangles Bay at the end of April and will be taking our time sailing through WA as there is so much to see (that we did not experience in our 3 months in the Kimberley last year) and there is no point rushing to head into the SE winds across the NT and N Qld. So, unfortunately, we will most likely not make it to the Berkeley River July 4th BBQ. We had a great time last year and are sure everyone who makes it for July 4th will have memories to last a lifetime.

    We have fond memories of diving on the the reefs off the Abrolhos Islands in the early 1970’s and would like feedback on taking dogs into places like the Abrolhos and Montebello Islands. Our understanding, from the WA Fisheries documents, is that you cannot enter the Abrolhos Islands with a domestic animal onboard, whether you take them ashore it not. We would really appreciate other Yachties experience with dogs on board in these marine parks as we would not like to miss out on places we would love to experience.

    When we sailed from Qld across to the Kimberley we were in a flotilla of 4 other catamarans and really appreciated and enjoyed the company and combined experience, so we would love to meet up with other yachts taking the slow passage east. Our plan for the next 12 months is to be in Brisbane by November, then sail down the east coast to Sydney for New Year and on to Hobart for the Wooden Boat Show in February, and spend the summer sailing round Tasmania.

    Looking forward to meeting you all on the water!


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      Hi Keith & Leslie,

      This is John & Kat from Katfish.  We are currently getting her (& us) ready for the Kimberlies leaving sometime in May, and then returning to the Whitsundays by Feb 2017.  We had a fantastic time motohoming around Europe.  Let’s keep in touch with us both being in the Kimberlies around the same time?

      Happy & safe sailing,

      John & Kat

      [email protected]


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    Ralph and Angela Asquith will be sailing their Leopard 40 Cat “2DREAM” from Darwin (leaving early July 2016) to Broome (early August). Unfortunately it looks like we will miss the fun and games at Berkley but hope to catch up with any members along the way. I have a nice cold beer fridge!


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    We are a 40 foot Fusion catamaran, and will be sailing in the Kimberley this year. We’ll arrive in Darwin in late April, haul out, and head west into the Kimberley once the jobs are done.  We plan to sail to Broome and back to Darwin in 12 weeks. Last year we managed to cover only the east side of the Kimberley to Swift bay. Then we’ll sail to Brisbane by November.

    Jade and Andrew

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    Sea Lynx

    We are planning to return to the Kimberleys mid to late April (Sea Lynx). We are receiving mixed reports re registration of NT boats. Does anyone know whether WA transport or police have recently changed the ruling? We have been told that NT boats need WA registration and have to travel to Wyndham to get it? Last year we could stay in the Kimberleys for 30 days without WA registration. Any clarification on this would be appreciated.

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      Hi Sea Lynx, In answer to your registration question. As far as I can see, nothing has changed about the 30 day rule for NT boats in WA waters. I copied the below paragraph off the Dept of Transport website about 30 seconds ago.

      “Boats currently registered in another state receive a three month period of grace after first being used in Western Australia waters. Vessels entering from the Northern Territory have 30 days. After this period of grace the vessel must be registered with Department of Transport.”

      I read this as meaning that you have 30 days from when you first take your boat into WA waters. So, if you first took your boat to WA waters last year and were there for 30 days, you would be required to register the boat in WA if you want to take it back again. I suggest it would be worthwhile registering your boat in WA, as it would be deemed unlawful not to do so, which could jeopardise your boat insurance policy.

      From what I read on the DoT web site, you don’t need to travel to, or take the boat to Wyndham to register it. It can be done on line. The forms and info are available at

      It looks like the DoT would deem an unregistered NT based vessel as a Foreign Pleasure Vessel, and there is a form for a 3 month temporary registration for this purpose, with a small fee attached. It seems if you want to stay in WA waters for longer than 3 months, it would require full registration, which would mean a full registration fee, and another application form.

      The Foreign Pleasure Vessel Registration Form is at  I suggest you phone the DoT Marine department first to confirm this is the correct form.

      Are you aware that you require a WA Recreational Skippers Ticket? Recreational Skippers Tickets don’t exist in the NT, but if you take your boat into WA waters you must have a valid WA RST, or a valid interstate RST. This might be the story you are hearing about having to travel to WA, because you can only get a WA RST from a registered provider in WA, which does mean you have to travel to WA to get the ticket. Alternatively, you can get an interstate RST in any other Australian State, which is valid in WA waters. I sent out a newsletter to all members on this subject last year, which resulted in many Darwin members sitting for a Queensland RST at the Sanctuary Cove Boat Show, and others getting their RST when they made an interstate trip.


      All the best,




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    Hi all, Mel & Pernille here. We are planning to depart Darwin on Samsara (52′ Tayana) sometime between the 27-29th March destined for the Kimberly’s for 4 weeks of cruising and exploring. We would love to catch up with anyone heading the same way.

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    Pretty Woman


    We are a 43′ monohull yacht aiming to sail from Adelaide before the end of March (via the East Coast) with view to arriving in Darwin towards the end of June.

    If all goes as planned we will have a month to explore the Kimberley region and look forward to the prospect of meeting members along the way and in particular at the Berkley River event on July 4th.

    Jim Sheppard (0412664234)

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    Endless Summer

    Hello everyone out there. Those who have left home base and those still getting ready.
    We finally left Mindarie yesterday onboard Endless Summer (call sign- Ocean Reef 529)
    The plan is to work our way up the coast stopping at various places along the way. Currently at Jurien Bay, then weather permitting on to Leeman, Port Dennison and Geraldton by the weekend, reaching Shark Bay by the following weekend.
    Give us a call if in the area.

    Good cruising
    Linda and Ken

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    Hi all,

    Russ and Alex aboard Njord, a Moody 425.  We are planning to leave Darwin around the end of May and spend nearly three months in the Kimberlies as part of our circumnavigation. Looking forward to the exploring, fishing and mud crabs.

    Russ and Alex

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    Hi to all

    I will be towing an 8m alloy plate boat from Hervey Bay to Derby in late May.  Towing the boat across is nearly as much planning and preparation as the boat trip. I am then planning to operate out of Derby during Jun – Jul and Aug.  In essence I am planning three 21-25 day trips with a week in between each trip, travelling as far north as Prince Regent River.  I will be returning to Derby between each trip to pick up the next party as such – my family first trip, brother and his family second trip and other family members third trip. This seemed much easier than trying to arrange pick ups at various locations and also allows fuel resupply at Dog Leg Creek and Derby.  As it is not a huge boat, I am very limited to the number of people I can comfortably carry.  I should by the end of the third trip know the western end of the Kimberley reasonably well.

    So if you see a small alloy power boat named Investigator – take pity on me and offer beer and wine as I am sure I will not be able to carry sufficient stocks!

    However, on a more serious note, as I will be returning to Derby between each trip, if anyone is stranded for parts etc I may be able to help with pick up and delivery.  I will be carrying a Sat Phone so drop me a text if you think I could help you.  My Sat Phone number is  0416215762

    All the best and I look forward to hopefully meeting some of you in the Kimberley.



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    Karen H


    Karen & Darren on High Voltage, a Fusion 40 Sail cat. We have had slow progress and are finally in Gantheume Bay Broome, preparing to head into the Kimberley in the coming week. We’ve barely seen any yachts since leaving Pt Bouvard near Mandurah in June and wonder if there’s anyone else heading through Kimberley toward Darwin at this time of year? We plan to be in Darwin by about Sept 11th 2016.

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    Annie 1

    Jan and Neil are on Annie 1 a 38 westerly sloop.

    We will be arrive in Broome on 22/8/2016. We also have had slow progress and hope to do the Kimberly then carry on to Darwin. Is anybody else leaving at about this time it would be nice to do it in company as we have only seen 1 cat and 1 other yacht in our 1000nm travels from Mandurah.

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      Karen H

      Karen & Darren on High Voltage. Arrived in Darwin 13th Sept. The Kimberley wasn’t quite as I expected, yet it was more than I expected. Didn’t see Annie 1, but maybe we’ll catch up in Darwin; we’ll be here for a while I think. Did meet and cruise with some great people though (No Fear, Gonyonda).


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