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    Hi everyone.  I am planning a 3 month sailing trip from Darwin to Derby in 2020. Timing wise I would be ready to leave Darwin mid April but not sure about how risky this is cyclone wise. Prefer this start to maximize chances of flowing rivers, waterfalls and fresh water. Also the greater prevelence of trade winds. If anyone has done this trip at this time of year your thoughts would be greatly appreciated.  My second possible start date would be early July.  Cheers Mark

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    Perfect   The doldrums (build up type conditions) usually hang around til early may  . Good idea to get across the blownapart gulf before the south Easter’s kick in, minimal chance of cyclone that late in the wet.            cheers.    Steve

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    Thanks for the reply Steve.

    By the time we tow the yacht from Vic to Darwin, drop it off at a marina, drive to Derby and arrange storage for the car and trailer and then catch the bus back to Darwin it will probably be May already…. leaving Vic on 5th of April!

    You confirmed what I thought may be the case. My wife is not great in big seas so I wanted the mid April start to round Cape Londonderry before the strongest trades kick in. Did want to stop at Berkley and King Gorge rivers before doing this though. I do worry about late cyclones but I suppose before leaving would check BOM’s outlook for the following week. From what I can see there is not a lot of suitable cyclone holes around that “blownapart” gulf?  Cheers Mark

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