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    After 4 months in the Kimberley, Ros and I are unfortunately back on dry land as of September 2012. But I’m also back in internet range, so it’s time to start adding more content to the club website.

    The plan is to add an “Anchorages” page and a “Photo Album”. I have a few people recruited to help me with content for the anchorages and you will start to see information added from November.

    I am working on the format for the anchorage pages, with the goal being for members to print the pages themselves and create a booklet to take with them to the Kimberley.

    Each anchorage will include standard info such as Lat Long, routes for entrances into rivers/creeks/bays etc, suggested anchorage way points and/or Google maps showing the suggested anchorages at each place, description and hints/advice about any hazards and tides, things to do and see, such as dingy trips, walks, fishing, art, swimming holes, fresh water etc, and a brief story on any history of the anchorage or nearby region. Photos will be included if available.

    Members will be encouraged to contribute to the list of anchorages by providing information on their own favorite places to visit, and make additions, amendments and corrections to the existing information on pages contributed by others.

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    To date there are nearly 70 pages of detailed information in the clubs website anchorage page, including.

    • Navigation – Aus Chart number, latitude longitude, tides, local knowledge/hints/advice.
    • Google Maps – One or more Google maps or satellite photos with notes.
    • Way points – Where navigation is tricky, a list of previously used way points is included. (EG may include routes through uncharted areas, shallow areas, over river bars and anchorages where accuracy is important.)
    • Suggested anchorages at each place.
    • Things to do and see such as dinghy trips, walks, fishing, art, swimming holes etc.
    • Brief story on any history of the anchorage or nearby region.
    • Photos if available.
    • Fresh water availability.

    This information is updated regularly with new information contributed by our members who regularly cruise the Kimberley coast.

    New Kimberley coast cruising vessel anchorages are added regularly.

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    Bad To The Bone

    Hello Ross do you have any information in relation to sale river in regards to anchorage locations, minimum tide needed to get a vessel into that location and any waterfalls in sale river. Also just any general information about that area. I will be going up this way shortly and I have gathered some information from local’s but just wondering if you have any more information.


    Wade Hunter

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    Hi Wade,

    I’ve yet to get to the Sale River. But here’s some info written by Denis Ford, I have no idea how accurate the info is, so take care.




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    Bad To The Bone

    Cheers Ross

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