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      Just wondering if there is any updates or rumours about the issuing of land council permits for 2021 to go ashore….also any known restrictions about boats entering WA…cheers

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      Hi Mark.

      Regarding entering WA waters from interstate. You’ve probably noticed that the WA Government changes the border restrictions on an almost daily basis. It’s worth noting that the WA Police treat entering the state by sea, exactly the same as entering by air or road. At the moment, everyone entering WA must get a G2G pass to cross the border, including the borders at sea.

      If you’re sailing through other states to get to WA waters, you will need to comply with those State’s travel restrictions as well.

      Keep an eye on the official WA Government website for info on travelling into WA. https://www.wa.gov.au/government/covid-19-coronavirus

      There is no change to the 3 land permit systems since I posted this in the News and Events Page.  https://kccyc.org.au/news-events/#kimberley-coast-permits-to-go-ashore-now-available-corona-virus-update

      I also recently updated the permit system info in the General Information sheet in the Anchorages pages of this website.  https://kccyc.org.au/anchorage-pdf-downloads/

      I believe the WA Government still designates the remote Indigenous land based populations such as Kalumburu, McGowan Island Camp and Honeymoon Bay Camp as no access areas for all non essential travellers. This may change before the dry season starts. If so, I’ll try to get it out as a news letter to all members. You can check this official website for details https://www.wa.gov.au/organisation/department-of-the-premier-and-cabinet/covid-19-coronavirus-remote-aboriginal-communities-travel



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      Thanks Ross pretty much how i had perceived. Will check your updated info.

      what time frame should permit applications be made in advance in your experience?

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