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    Great boat to cruise the Kimberley in! We spent nearly three months there and look forward to getting back.

    The tides mean you’ll be loving the security of the mini-keels. Lost count of how many times we dried out.


    (Look at 2015 May to July)


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    Had our 3.5m inflatable chewed by a croc just near Augereau Island in June 2015.


    Luckily I had some glue and fabric on board to affect a repair.

    Lesson learned though… from then on the tender was on the davitts whenever possible.

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    I have considerable knowledge of this topic. I liveaboard a sailing catamaran and we are nearly four years into a circumnavigation of Australia.

    We are with Boost – which uses Telstra’s network and is a lot cheaper. Using the Telstra network is a very good idea as from what others have told us, other carriers have no-where near the coverage.

    You say you have an aerial with a patch lead. There are aeriels and there are aerials… There are leads and there are leads….

    We use a Powertech 3G antenna, up the top of our 17m mast, and with LMR400 cabling coming down to an Ericsson W35 mobile gateway. You are looking at $250 for a decent 3G antenna, $6 a metre for the cable, and about $500 for the W35.

    If I was doing it all again from new, I would have a 3G antenna (4G/5G frequencies will be the same so it should be future-proof) and a Cell-Fi Telstra repeater at the masthead. That way I can keep using the normal mobile but with significantly enhanced range.


    The LMR400 cabling is necessary! Anything smaller and the losses from the long cable run basically wipe off any gains. If you take anything away from this post, use LMR400!!

    Before I had this system, I was running a booster (ebay buy from the US) but with ‘normal’ grade cable. It was always turned off when we were near civilization because they are illegal and DO cause issues. A chap I know left his on by mistake and soon had a van with antennas asking questions! We spent a couple of months in the Kimberley with this setup, and still had very little coverage, and I put it down to the fact that the cable was introducing too much loss. It would have worked better if I had mounted the booster near the antenna, but it needed a separate 12V supply which would have been messy.

    The current setup provided me with service all the way across Bass Straight… which should not even be possible!

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    When I was looking, I found good ones at

    Craig’s Fishing Warehouse
    2/1 Berrimah Rd, Berrimah NT 0828
    (08) 8947 4867

    However, I suspect crocs get most of the bait.

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    XTsea has survived the Kimberley and we are currently off Streeters Jetty in Broome waiting on some mail.  It’s been over a week and my parcel has only made it from Melbourne to Welshpool(Perth mail centre).

    Plenty of opportunities to give the hull and props a lookover during our trip as we managed to find ourselves high and dry four times. One of those we actually meant to do!

    A poor wet season contributed to not a lot of water over the various falls, and a lack of fish. If you want to know more, take a look at our blog at http://www.xtsea.com.au

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    Just departing eastward from near Wadeye. 100nm to Berkely. 10-15 knots hopefully.

    (And FYI Telstra 3G phone/internet service works for me quite well in the Wadeye region. No idea where the next connection will be, but we expect to be in the K’s for a couple of months.)

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    Here’s the issue that highlights how silly this is for me.

    I pull in a legal Barramundi.  You ripper! That’s dinner sorted.

    The wife and I can only eat so much, so to remain on the right side of the law, I fillet off 300 grams or so, and immediately whack that on the BBQ to eat straight away.

    What do I do with the rest of the fish?  Toss it overboard.

    Stupid and wasteful.

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    The minister in charge can be reached at


    Honourable Ken Baston MLC
    Minister for Agriculture and Food; Fisheries

    Address: 7th Floor, Dumas House
    2 Havelock Street
    WEST PERTH WA 6005

    Telephone: (08) 6552-5000
    Fax: (08) 6552-5001
    e-Mail: [email protected]

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  • XTsea

    Ours just arrived.  $80 with free postage from http://www.chartandmapshop.com.au/2807744/Western-Australian-Cruising/9780957908420

    Looks good. Getting excited about the trip just reading it.

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    SV XTsea currently on a mooring in Sadgroves Creek, Darwin intending to depart for the Kimberleys in the first fortnight of May.  Colleen and David and croc-bait (dog) Molly.

    We have been in Darwin since late November and have a car which we will be selling before we head off, so if KCCYC members can make use of us, let us know.

    Onwards to Perth after that.

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    Just updating what happened with this.

    After contacting Ports to ask about moorings we were told there was a waiting list of about 10 yachts ahead of us.

    We eventually found someone on the hard at Dinah Beach who had a fore-and-aft mooring in Sandgroves Creek that was free. He was kind enough to offer that to us for the wet season for free.

    The tides make it somewhat of a challenge to get ashore during springs, but we are secure and comfortable.

    We have purchased a cheapie car which we will resell before we head off to the Kimberly’s in April or so.

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    Hi Ross,
    Southern Goulburn Island as I write. No reply from the ports as yet, I’ll phone them in the morning to see if I can get a real person to speak to.

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    Still in Weipa Kevin/Janie.

    Trying for a mooring at the moment with the ports.

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    Hi Barry, We are Weipa now. Haven’t had internet since your messages.
    Calling you now…

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