Sailing to the Kimberley in 2013 Dry Season.

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    Hi Everyone.

    R&R is heading for the Berkeley River, King George, Vansittart Bay area for a few weeks in late April – early May 2013 then back to Darwin for a month or so before heading back into the Kimberley for another 5 -6 weeks.

    Just trying to get a feel for who else is Kimberley bound this year, and to see if there is any interest in a Kimberley Coast Cruising Yacht Club beach party at the Berkeley or King George.

    All the best.

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    Unfortunately, we didn’t make it out of Cullen Bay Marina in April, let alone get to the Kimberley for a few weeks. Despondently, finishing our new house in Perth took priority.

    But, we are on a promise to take 4 friends with us to the Kimberley Coast Cruising Yacht Club Annual Beach Party at the Berkeley River on 10th July. We’ll leave Darwin on 7 July and drop them off at McGowan Island Camp on 17 July for their flight back to Perth. We’ll then cruise slowly down to the Palm Island area to meet up with Ray and Barb, on Dogoncat, before heading back to Darwin around late August/early September. If you see R&R on the water, give us a call on 16. We are always up for a sundowner or a barby on a beach somewhere.

    Not surprisingly, it is difficult to get a commitment from Members and friends as to whether they are turning up to the KCCYC Annual Beach Party at the Berkeley River on 10 July. This has to be the most remote and difficult to get to venue for any party held in Australia. But, reading between the lines, guesswork, assumption, dead reckoning, speculation and use of highly sophisticated technical equipment, I would say there will be at least 5 boats there to celebrate the event this year – possibly a lot more, if the fleet from the FSC, Fremantle to Bali, cruising in company fleet turn up.

    Hope to see you on the water.

    Ross and Ros

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