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    Hi. I am in the process of choosing a catamaran (32 to 38′) which I want to use to cruise Nth Qld and across the top end and Kimberleys etc. I get the impression that I should be looking at boats with diesel engines only though there are numerous boats (eg seawind 1000) that have outboard petrol engines. Should I be discounting cats with outboard/ULP petrol motors in my search?? Dave

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    Outboards are the go. Cheaper/lighter/easy to maintain/tilt out of water when not using/easy to replace.No expensive props,shafts or sail drives.             I’m currently doing hull extensions on a bob oram 8.8m sailing cat which Im converting into a powercat, It will be 10 metres in overall length when finished. By adding bouyancy aft (less rocker) it will help prevent squatting making it more efficient/faster. 2 x 20hp Honda engines cruise on one engine 7 to 8 knots or both 12 to 14 fuel usage 1.5 to 2 miles per litre. Advantages are Turn key Go (no waiting for the wind so the flappy rag can do its thing) No rudders(can navigate into more shallow water less than 1/2 a metre, easy to beach the list goes on.     Cheers  steve

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    Thanks Steve. I guess I was bit worried about the petrol tank size that sailing boats with outboards have on board especially if I want to get from Darwin to the Kimberleys and back if ULP is not available on the way. But I guess you can always get bigger tanks put in if its easy to do??? Dave

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