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    The new Camden Sound Marine Park will bring an increased presence of Department of Fisheries (Fisheries) and Department for Environment and Conservation (DEC) Rangers and patrol vessels into the Kimberley coast, particularly around the proposed marine park, which covers a huge area between Yampi Sound and The Prince Regent Sound on the West Kimberley coast, including some very popular cruising destinations frequented by Kimberley coast cruising vessels. No date has been set for official gazetting of new park. We will post the info here when it made an official and legal park.

    Skippers and crew of cruising vessels should make themselves aware of the soon to be introduced zones in the new park, particularly relating to restricted fishing areas and whale watching.

    They should also be aware of the requirements for Fishing off a Vessel Licenses required in all West Australian waters for private fishers who fish from a vessel. There are also very strict possession limits which apply to fish found on board a cruising vessel. You can download the information from these links.

    Recreational Fishing Guide 2013. This pdf document includes species bag limits and the rules applicable to recreational fishing in Western Australia. Copy it and keep it on board.

    Application for Recreational Fishing Licenses in Western Australia.

    Camden Sound Marine Park Map.

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    Hi Ross, thank you for this information as it can be easy to skip the obvious such as fishing licences for different states. I do have a question regarding licencing of skippers, as a Territorian we have no such laws and requirements and I would think that after 17 years skipping town my old SA licence would not be worth the paper it is printed on.

    How would the local authorities deal with this? Is there a grace period where a skipper from the NT can operate a boat in WA without a licence or should I get some sort of licence from interstate next time I am passing through. I must admit it does seem strange that I can be in command of a massive vessel with absolutely no training or certification process needed at all. Also, what is the go with blood alcohol content with respect to liveaboard? Is it only applicable when underway or does the skipper need to remain under the legal BAC when on board (that could be a tough gig).

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    Hi Greg,

    Anyone in WA for more than 3 months requires a Recreational Skippers Ticket. Your old SA licence exempts you from the assessment part (is it still current?).

    There is no set blood alcohol limit, the Act states “No person shall navigate or attempt to navigate a vessel while under the influence of alcohol or drugs to such an extent as to be incapable of having proper control of the vessel.”

    Mark B.

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    Thanks for that Mark, my old SA licence is well and truly expired I would imagine.


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    Hi Greg, Mark B is spot on, but I am supposing that the term “No person shall navigate or attempt to navigate a vessel…” relates to a vessel underway, and not while at anchor, on a mooring, or in a marina berth etc. Otherwise, we could all in trouble for having a few too many when tied up safely in our marina berths.

    Also, the WA Transport website states.

    “The general guidelines for standard alcohol consumption are:

    Men: No more than two standard drinks in the first hour and one standard drink every following hour
    Women: No more than one standard drink every hour.” Best of luck sticking to that!!


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