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    Hi all, I only happened across Ross’ website yesterday while doing some research for a trip to the Berkeley River next run off. Of course I had to join KCCYC to benefit from all the experience you all have about this region as mine is limited and there are no doubt many traps for young players.

    Whilst I have been a boat owner most of my adult life this is my first foray into the world of long distance cruising which is what Seachange’s previous owners built her to do. Seachange is no stranger to the Kimberley region having been taken there every year since she was launched in Cairns in mid 2008. Some of you may have met Vic and Ellen during their visits to the Kimberley and some of the stories regaled to me during our time together during the delivery trip from Cairns to Darwin have certainly served to further enhance my desire to cruise this fantastic area.

    Seachange is a 15m aluminium power cat that is custom built with cruising in mind, whilst it has accommodation for 6 it is easily handled 2 up and spent all of its time to date owned by a cruising couple. Since I have owned her (9 months) she has begun a transformation into a more fishing oriented configuration and has undertaken multiple trips to the Mini Mini area as well as Cape Ford.

    Our plan is to continue these relatively short range trips and throw in some longer ones with the first one being to the Berkeley next April (how did the beach party go?). This will all help add to my experience bank whilst hopefully adding to the fishing conquests of family and friends. The medium term plan is to then be able to get away from work for longer periods to spend the time that is required to explore this area for months at a time just like Ross is doing right now.

    I would be keen to hear any advice that ‘old salts’ may have for a new venturer into the Berkeley region (I have downloaded all the pages on Ross’ links to Denis’ google maps) and even keener to talk boats and essential set ups that you all would not leave the dock without.

    Attached are a couple of images of our boat shortly after she was launched, she hasn’t changed to much except for a few dings and faded paint!


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    Hi Greg, Welcome aboard the KCCYC. Ros and I just got home to Perth after 3 months up north. About 4 weeks on boat maintenance, including 10 days on the hard at Pearl Marine fixing a burnt out shaft bearing. Then 8 weeks in the Kimberley on board R&R. Back in the rain and cold down here a few days ago.

    We met Vic and Ellen about 3-4 years ago on Sea Change in West Bay while they were waiting for some family members to fly into Truscott. I recall the live crab tanks in the boarding platforms – great idea.

    We explored some new territory this year, as well as revisiting some of our favorite Kimberly cruising spots. We spent about 3 weeks cruising in company with Garry and Kathy on “Enigma”. Garry is an ex prawny skipper and they have cruised the Kimberley several times in Enigma, so knows the coast well. We showed them places they didn’t know about and visa versa. Consequently, I have plenty to add to the Anchorages pages on the web site over the next few months, as well as some news items to add now that I am back on land with broadband.


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    Sounds like a great trip Ross, I am sure you had a fabulous time. I look forward to absorbing the info you post in the future and would be keen to hear any recommendations you may have for tides to visit the Berkely region.


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