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    David George

    Hi all,
    We’ve just completed our 5th trip through the Kimberly and Alyssa Lee is safely in Darwin, heading east later in the year. Unfortunately it was a very dry year, but we did manage to see some things we’d missed in the past, thanks mainly to information given here on the website. The purpose of this post though it to warn members of the experience we had trying to have the “Horizontal Waterfall” experience. We had been told that yachts are welcome to come in to Talbot bay and anchor in the vicinity of the “Horizontal falls Hotel”, and by approaching the staff there – arrange to get on one of their boats to do the “Falls” experience. You have to dedicate a couple of days just to getting in and out, which we did. Upon arrival we dinghied over to the Hotel barge, and were assured that for $55 each they would get us on a boat. They would contact us. VHF68. After a couple of hours of waiting we called them up. Yes, yes as soon as the boats came in they would organize it and call us. In the end we could see the boats going in and out of the falls gap, none of them full, but no one contacted us. We don’t know if this was just a lack of professionalism, lack of courtesy, or they just don’t like cruising boats coming in there. In the end we left very disappointed.

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    Hi David,

    Thanks for the update and your kind comment on the web site. It’s disappointing to see you missed the HF experience.

    R&R has been in there 4 or 5 times over the years. We’ve used the float plane trip from Broome as an economical means of flying friends either in or out. The last time we were there, the new “Floating Hotel” was in its first year, and we noticed a more structured attitude from the staff compared to previous years. “Relaxed and laid back” is how I would describe their attitude in prior years.They were fun and more than helpful to deal with.

    I suspect the introduction of the proposed Horizontal Falls Marine Park, along with its associated rules and restrictions, might have some influence on the situation. From a safety point of view – probably a good thing. But from a relaxed and laid back perspective – maybe not so good. I think it may have also resulted in a monopoly situation – perhaps another influence.

    I hope your experience was a one-off, and they pick up their act. The ride through the falls in one of their huge RIBs, when the water is raging, is worth the effort to go in there.

    Any other KCCYC members who have recently done the HF trip who would like to add comments on their experience? Please add a reply to this topic.

    All the best,


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      Hi David and Ross

      I just spent 3 1/2 months in the Kimberley and visited HF on three different occasions.  On each visit I arranged to go through HF via HF Hotel (channel 68) and I can only say the people I dealt with were excellent.  They were helpful and very professional but still laidback.  The staff working there are incredibly busy and I think in this case someone just forgot about you.  We must remember the paying guests that fly in are paying around $850 per person for the day and they will be the priority.  I am sorry to hear of your experience as it was completely different from my three visits.

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    Soft Soul

    Hi David,

    sorry to hear your bad experience ! We just arrived last night back in Darwin and have been with “Never Land” down to the HF. Our experience in mid september was more than pleasant : we were 2 boats anchored up there, all together 6 people. First we went with the dinghy over to their official start point. It was offered very friendly to do a private trip with the 6 of us later the same afternoon, an hour before high tide. They asked if we would liked to be picked up at our own boats and that they will contact us on the radio within the next hour to confirm that they can take us “in between”.

    Only ten minutes later they called and confirmed everything, for 55$/pP and we had great half an hour of adrenalin rush ! The skipper of the vessel did a great job and new exceptional well to handle 3x 300hp in the falls.

    All the best,

    Verena & Ingo “MV Never Land”

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