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    G Day Veiwers We are new to the Forum so I hope this question is in the the right topic section. We are heading up to the Kimberley in July departing from Derby there is three trailer boats in our party . We are hoping to get to Prince Regent if we can find a suitable place to get a fuel drop if anyone knows of a fishing resort or pearl farm that will allow our pre-arranged fuel to be stored around deception or Kuri Bay Area we would greatly appreciate it and will look after who ever allows the fuel to be stored . Can’t wait to get up there and start the trip and if anyone that reads this will be in the Kimberley area in July we look forward to crossing paths . Regards Ando.

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    Hi Ando,

    I assume you are aware that fuel, including ULP, is available at Dog Leg Creek in Yampi Sound. From there to the Prince Regent, the only hints of land based civilisation are Paspaley Pearls at Kuri Bay. Not sure how keen Paspaley would be about storing your fuel. They are a big organisation, with big company rules. Generally, they don’t encourage cruising vessels to visit them. But, a phone call couldnt hurt.

    There is also the fishing camp at Freshwater Cove, south of Deception Bay. The camp has recently been taken over by the Dambimangari Aboriginal Corporation, and I don’t know what their policy is about storing fuel for cruising boats. Again, I suggest you contact them direct. http://www.wandjinatours.com.au/

    All the best,


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    Hi Ando

    April 2016 we did the same trip as you are planning with 4 boats and we arranged fuel with Paspaley Pearls at Kuri Bay. The fuel was a little more expensive than Dog Leg and had to be ordered and paid for well beforehand as they Barge it down from Darwin.
    They were very helpful and obliging, even to the extent that one of our drums split on the way down from Darwin so they replaced it with someone else drum that were a couple of weeks behind us. They had our 12 drums together on a Barge and we filled up on the way past leaving the rest there for the return journey.
    Enjoy your trip, The Prince Regent is a Magic Place.


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    Thanks very much for the Info guys . Just counting down the days now can’t wait to get up there .

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    We just completed our trip through what is the most amazing coastline kn thd planet . We travelled 970 nautical mile and made it right through to our main destination Prince regent. Thanks to everyone we met on our travells and the help we had from certain places on the way fantastic people and great company. I can confirm that the Cockatoo resort isnt open yet and will be a while before you can go and have a beer let alone stay. The water falls some were running but alot were dry after the wet season had up there we were quite surprised that more water wasnt seen.We observed the result of a 6 meter boat which came to greif because the owners didnt keep an eye on there boat at Croc creek and outgoing tide upended the vessel resulting in a lady having to jump in the water and swim for thd laddee on the rock wall ! Not a good thing. We will cherrish the memories of this trip and will start planning the next one. Enjoy every minute up there it surely is gids country.

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    Hi Ando

    Great to hear You had a fantastic Trip. It certainly is a Magic place up there.
    Just wondered how you got on with the Fuel at Kuri Bay as we are thinking of doing this trip again next April and would love to know we can still organise Fuel from there.


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      Another prospect for smaller amounts of fuel in 200l drums is Honeymoon Bay –

      From: honeymoonbay wa
      Subject: Re: Visit in October and help with crew exchange.
      Date: August 15, 2017 at 2:11:21 PM GMT+9:30
      To: Jeff Boyd
      Hi Jeff,

      There are 2 ways to do it:
      1) you can contact Nic and Jo from North Kimberley Transport on 0439 814 816 and organise a drum and transport through them. They will bring a it up on their next run, and we then charge a $5/day minding fee until you get here.

      2) we can take care of everything and have a 200L drum waiting here for $700.

      Let me know what you decide 🙂

      – Joy

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