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    Can anyone tell me if you really need to get a fishing license for the tiwi islands. And are the there any other permits you ‘ really’ need.

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    Hi Rob, “officially” yes you do need a recreational fishing license for the Tiwi’s. See Good luck getting one! When I have tried to do the right thing and get permits from indigenous bodies, I have either had no response, or they have taken several weeks to respond with an answer like, “the elders will consider it at the next meeting”. On that particular occasion, I had been and gone to the place I needed the permit before they got back to me.

    I’ll put you in direct email contact with a friend of mine in Darwin. He and his mates regularly fish the Tiwi’s. They will be able to give you the word on what is “actually” needed. I’ll email him your details and cc you in.

    The other license you do need is a Recreational Fishing From a Boat License for WA waters. See
    If you have crew/guests joining you in the Kimberley, they should also get a license, because your possession limit is counted for the people who actually have a license.

    You should also download the Recreational Fishing on the Kimberley / Pilbara Coast from Gives details on the bag limits, species etc. Also see the requirement to have a release weight on board in WA waters.

    WA Fisheries Department are becoming more active in the Kimberley and they have a patrol boat that does a run from Broome to Wyndham during the dry season. They also have shore based patrols that visit places like camping grounds near the coast. I have been boarded and searched by the patrol boat. Besides looking for fish, they checked my skippers ticket, safety gear etc.

    Have a good read of the part about possession limits and ownership of fish on board your boat for extended cruising. It’s not a good idea to freeze a lot of fish on board, and if you do, it needs to be labeled with the persons name who caught it, and that person needs to be on board at the time they check the fish if you get searched. When we are in the Kimberley, except for bait, we dont freeze fish at all. It’s too easy to catch them fresh. Also keep in mind that fish you bring into WA in your freezer are counted in your possesion limit.

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    Hi Rob, Response from my mate in Darwin.

    “Tell your friends not to worry too much about not receiving a response from the Tiwi Corporation. We have had the same thing when we sent away for our permits (and so has another friend of ours), the main thing is that they keep a copy of their receipt with them just in case they get approached.”

    Looks like it would be wise to pay for the permit, even if you don’t get the actual permit before you get there.

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