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    Sea Shell

    Hi All,

    We are planning to cruise/sail the Kimberleys during the 2017 dry season. I am looking for a reliable and low cost way of getting weather forecasts and would like to hear from anyone who has used  DeLorme Inreach. I am aware that Cruisers who own these handheld Sat Text devices often have someone at home who has weather savy and can send text messages summarising the BOM forecasts. I would also be interested to hear about other solutions to the problem.

    I read about RnR’s broadband system and made a note to make a “take over bid” sometime after midnight at the annual BBQ!

    Thanks, Dave

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    Hi Dave,

    We have had success using a sat sleeve on our iPhone.  We were able to download a weather forecast from BOM for minimal cost while cruising the Kimberley. BOM has developed a text only single page 3 day forecast which is a very small download size. Have a look at  The forecasts are available by zones and we booked marked the following two most useful zones when in the Kimberley. This eliminates the need to search the BOM site each time you connect.

    1.Northern Coastal Waters Zones
    2.NT/WA border to North West Cape All Coastal Waters Zones

    You will need to turn off all other updates on your phone that use data while in the Kimberley and dedicate the phone to this (not much use for anything else while remote!) You will also need to arrange a SIM with satellite data. We had a $15 per month casual plan and happy to share details if you are interested. We were also able to send and receive email. We are heading off to the Kimberley again in 2017 so will look out for you.


    Kevin and Janie

    Sail Cat ‘Sojourn’


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    Sea Shell

    Hi Kevin,
    Thanks for the info. My computer “Junked” the KCCYC email advice telling me that you had replied, so I apologise for my delay in getting back to you.
    The Sat Sleeve sounds good. I googled them and found the Thuraya available from Karera on a Pivotel plan for $15pm. Unfortunately the sleeve is only available for the I-phone 4 & 5, and of course we both have 6’s. Perhaps if I wait a few months or contact Thuraya to find out if a new model will be on the market soon. Anyway it sounds like a very good solution.
    Are you able to use the sat sleeve to send Text Messages or make voice calls?

    I believe we met recently at Mike Foster’s workshop? I hope the cockpit roof fitted well.
    Dave, Sea Shell
    [email protected]

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    <h4>Hi Dave</h4>
    We have Trailerboated from Derby the past two years and made it as far as the Prince Regent River. Last year we discovered that Koolin Island has an OPTUS Mobile Tower, so with an Optus sim card you can access the BOM website when in range of this tower. Hope this helps.

    Mark Blechy

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    Hi Mark,

    Did you use the Optus card at Koolan? We bought an Optus SIM for an iPhone and tried it about 6-7 years ago, but with very poor reception. We were relying on it to get some important emails at the time, and ended up motoring across King Sound to pick up the Telstra 3G at Cape Leveque.

    Perhaps they have boosted the signal these days.


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    <h3>Hi Ross</h3>
    We just had a prepaid OPTUS Simcard in a cheap phone and coverage was a bit patchy the further you got from Koolin Island, probably due to shadows from neighbouring Islands, but near Koolin and at Dog Leg Creek reception was pretty good.

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