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    G’day fellas,

    I am hoping to perform a crew exchange on or around October 13th. Kalumburu seems to be an option especially if AviAir start/have started their scheduled flights.

    Have Facebooked Lancho and Joy at Honeymoon Bay to see if they will do the land shuttle and with 80l of diesel and some food.

    And, emailed AviAir to ascertain if they have started their scheduled flights and whether they will freight food on the same flights.

    Anybody had recent experience?


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    Seems AviAir have started their scheduled flights into Kalumburu (see below).

    Anybody used these so far?

    Jeff Boyd
    SY Kaitoro
    Mumby Cybercat48

    From: Tegan Oliver <[email protected]>
    Subject: RE: Kalumburu crew change
    Date: August 8, 2017 at 10:44:05 AM GMT+9:30
    To: Jeff Boyd <[email protected]>, Aviair Bookings <[email protected]>

    Good morning Jeff

    Please see attached for the RPT information regarding timings and the price.

    We do fly freight along this line and it is $4 per kilo + $25 consignment fee.
    If you would like to make a reservation please don’t hesitate to contact the office.

    Kind Regards

    Tegan Oliver
    Reservations Officer

    Lot 319 Laine Jones Drive, Kununurra WA 6743
    PO Box 612, Kununurra WA 6743
    P: +61 8 9166 9300 | F: +61 8 9168 1129 | E: [email protected]

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      And from Joy at Honeymoon Bay –

      From: honeymoonbay wa <[email protected]>
      Subject: Re: Visit in October and help with crew exchange.
      Date: August 8, 2017 at 12:36:24 PM GMT+9:30
      To: Jeff Boyd <[email protected]>

      Hi Jeff,

      Yep that’s no problem, we’ll be here.

      Out tray back can fit 3passengers comfortably, 4 if they want to squish. It’ll be $50pp and you just let us know what time the plane comes etc, we can sort details when you get here 🙂

      I’ll put you in our calendar but if you’re able to just drop us an email or call closer to the time as a reminder too that’d help.


      – Joy
      08 9161 4378

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    Hi Jeff,

    I can’t comment on the new service Aviair have recently started. But Aviar (was Slingair) have been around for a while, with a good reputation.There’s been talk of a scheduled air service between Kununurra and Kalumburu for some years. I’m glad to see its started.

    An alternative to think about is to charter your own flight from Aviair or Shoal Air. If you have 4 people coming in, or 2 coming in and 2 going out (IE at least 4 one way fares) it may be economical to charter a small plane. That way you can load your stores on the Kun to Kal leg at no extra cost.

    I cant recall the exact cost the last time we did it, but it was around $1300 – $1400 for a Cesna 210 for the return trip Kun – Kal – Kun.

    Cheers, Ross

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      Good perspective, Ross.

      Yesterday, August 9th, Shoal quoted –

      Cessna 210, single engine, maximum 5 passengers 400 Kgs $ 1,795.00
      Cessna 310, twin engine, 4-5 passengers 450 Kgs $ 2,395.00

      AviAir only quoted for larger aircraft –

      $2,350.00 for 6 seater GA8 airvan.
      $4,680.00 for our 13 seater Cessna Caravan
      From their website it appears AviAir don’t have anything smaller.

      AviAir scheduled flights – $369 ea including 15kg luggage

      We only have 1 out and 2 in so I would be keen to hear if AviAir’s scheduled flights are working out for crew exchanges.


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    Hi, We had friends fly in to Mission Cove (near Honeymoon Bay) in July via Kimberley Air Tours float plane. Check with them for price but about $2800 ex Kununurra. You charter the plane so the entire pay load is yours in and out – includes a grocery order pick up from Kununurra and passenger collect/ return from accommodation. Lands 50m from your boat!
    Janie and Kevin

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