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    If you’re planning a cruise to the Kimberley in 2018, use this topic to post a brief outline of your plans here to meet up with other vessels, cruise in company, ask questions, get info etc.

    Roslyn and I launched our newly built 21M power cat “R&R”  in March 17 at the Gold Coast and had planned to reach Darwin around June 17. Prolonged sea trials and other issues found us in Port Douglas late October – too late in the dry season, and getting too hot for us to spend 2 months slowly cruising across the top, as we had planned to do.

    R&R is now at Abell Point Marina, and we plan to leave there late April 2018 to reach Darwin in July, then on to the Kimberley until September.

    Keep an eye out for R&R (pic below) and say hello if you see us on board.


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    Hi Ross,

    Planning is almost complete for my first Kimberley adventure. Boat is a 26ft ally, monohull with twin yam 200 4-strokes. Itinerary is as below, planning to launch at Broome, pickup some fuel at One Arm, Dog Leg, x 2, Kuri Bay, Dog Leg again and finally back to broom. KCYC has been a great resource for planning so far, would love to hear any comments or advice on the below.

    I will be departing Broome on the morning high tide of April 14th, return date is flexible to an extent but shooting for the 7th of May.


    Leg 1 Broome -> Cygnet Bay 
    Day 1 (Broome -> Lacepede Island)
    Day 2 (Lacepede Island -> Thomas Bay)
    Day 3 (Thomas Bay -> Cygnet Bay)
    Leg 2, Cygnet Bay -> Dog Leg Creek
    Day 4 (Cygnet Bay -> Sunday Island)
    Day 5 (Sunday Island -> Strickland Bay)
    Day 6 (Strickland Bay -> Crocodile Creek)
    Day 7 (Crocodile Creek -> Dog Leg Creek)
    Leg 3, Dog Leg Creek -> Montgomery Reef-> Raft Pt / Ruby Falls -> Dog Leg Creek
    Day 8 (DL Creek -> Montgomery Reef)
    Day 9  (Montgomery Reef -> Hole in reef)
    Day 10  (Hole in reef -> Raft Point)
    Day 11  (Raft Point -> Ruby Falls)
    Dinghy explore four fingers as per KCYC pdf
    Day 12  (Ruby Falls -> Dog Leg) – leaving mid afternoon to make anchorage before dark.
    Leg 4, Dog Leg -> HF -> Kuri Bay
    Day 13  DL -> HF) Crew change @ Horizontal
    Day 14 (HF -> Talbot Bay)
    Day 15 (Talbot Bay -> DL -> Macleay Island)
    Day 16 (Macleay Island -> Sheep Island)
    Day 17 (Sheep Island -> Prince Regent River )
    Day 18 (Regent -> Kuri Bay Pearls) – Stay overnight @ Kuri Bay Sportsfishing
    Leg 5, Kuri Bay -> Dog Leg Creek
    Day 19 (Kuri Bay -> Montgomery Reef)
    Day 20  (Montgomery Reef-> Dog Leg)
    Leg 6, Dog Leg -> Broome
    Day 20 (Dog Leg -> cape leveque)
    Day 21 (Cape Leveque -> Beagle Bay)
    Day 22 (Beagle Bay -> Broome)

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      Hi Ross and Noords,
      Nauticat will be leaving Perth early April 18.We are a syndicate of 6 so everyone will be getting 3 weeks in the Kimberleys with crew changes Broome, some where in the middle and Darwin. We will be leaving Darwin Sept to go East.
      We will have a get together January to decide where best will be for crew changes.
      Hopefully be in Broome Noords roughly the same time as you. Will Post our plans in the New Year.

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      Hi Noords, The plan looks good to me. My only comment is that it looks like you have an overnight stay on Montgomery Reef. The channel inside of the reef is generally considered a day anchorage. The reef fully covers at HW, and if it blows up overnight, you will be exposed in an anchorage that would be hard to navigate out of at night. Make sure you record and keep your track on your plotter on the way in.

      Cheers Ross.

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    Hi all, we are travelling to the Kimberley departing Wyndham around the 27th April and spending around 4 weeks to get to Derby. We will be in an 8mt diesel preston craft. Im travelling with my wife and 2 teenage kids and are in the early stages of planing things like fuel drops, provisions and maps.

    We will also be looking for a way of getting our tow vehicle from Wyndham to Derby so its ready for us when we get there. My wife Wendy is keen to talk to any ladies who may have already done the trip with teenagers in regard to provisions, entertainment, schooling etc.

    Im hoping May is the ideal time for us fair-weather boaters and we will get to see the Kimberley in all its glory.

    Im thinking of buying a Whaley dinghy as a tender for our trips to shores any feedback on these would also be appreciated. I already have a 10hp Tohatsu to go on it.

    I look forward to reading about anyone else’s plans and any advice will be appreciated





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      Hi Geoff, May will still be pretty warm, with the chance of rain. June – August are the best months weather wise.

      You can try the truck freight websites to get your vehicle/trailer to Derby. There are plenty of trucks backloading from Kununurra to Perth that go close to Derby. They will drive to Wyndham to pick up a load. Try There are others on line where the truckies look for loads and quote you directly.

      I have no experience with the Whaley brand, but I’ve owned 2 polypropylene tenders (Plaka and Polycraft). A little heavy, but they are bulletproof. You can run them onto rocks and oysters, and the worst damage will be a few scratches. Definitely a good way to go. I wouldn’t go any smaller than the 3.1M for 4 people, or bigger if you can.

      It’s hard to give you any ideas on provisions without knowing what you have on board for fridge/freezer capacity. Every boat is different. If you like fishing, you will be eating plenty of fish. Check a few of the posts here for a few ideas to get you started.

      Except when you are motoring between anchorages, I doubt if there will be much schooling going on. Your teenagers will find plenty to do, especially if you have a good tender for them to use and explore. No mobile or internet out there, so forget that option. Plenty of movies on a hard drive is always a good idea.

      Have fun,


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    Hi All

    New member here. We are seasoned campers and fishers, and upgraded to a 6m plate ally SeaJay (PLAGICN) in early 2016, which we dragged right around the country during long service leave for 6 months in 2016.

    Did a couple of epic trips then, Berkeley River in the East and Horiz Falls etc in the west.

    Heading back there again for 2 weeks on the water in late April 2018. Planning to launch at Derby, or up Cape Leveque/One Arm Pt (done this before).

    Planning to spend longer on the water this time as more of a boys trip. We will be three on board – so probably swagging it on land a bit. Might have a few questions on suitable land based camping option closer to Montgomery and east of Horiz Falls. Any suggestions would be hugely appreciated.


    Dave (PLAGICN)

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    Hi everyone, my name is Jason. We are cruising the Kimberly coast this year, leaving Darwin at the beginning of April. I was wondering if anyone had any of the latest info on where we could get ULP. I have contacted Peter at Kuri Bay and he said it’s possible with at least a months notice which is totally understandable. I have heard Dog Leg Creek supplies ULP? Is this true? It looks like thats the only place to get diesel also? Is this true also? Any info would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you



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      Hi Jason,

      Download the Fuel in the Kimberley page under Anchorages in this website.



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    Thanks Ross, Hopefully see some of you up there, we are a 70ft motor yacht Monte Cristo, anywhere between 3 and 7 on board. Always on Ch 16.

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    Hi Jason

    We might be before you, but I plan to be around Horiz Falls, Montgomery, Walcott in the last two weeks of April.

    Im a pretty keen fisho, sponsored by Mako Eyewear. My boat has a Mako Eyewear wrap on the sides – hard to miss.

    Maybe we will cross paths. Where do you think you might be around that time?



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    We are looking at launching our 8mt ali monohull at Wyndham around the first of May and spending around 4 weeks on the water getting to Derby. If there is anyone planning a similar trip i would love to hear from you. This will be our first big trip on the boat and I’m travelling with my wife and 2 teenagers. We are madly getting the boat ready and have organised someone to bring our truck and trailer from Wyndham to Derby so its ready when we get there at the start of June. Still have to organise diesel along the way as well as planning anchorages. Keen to hear if anyone is going to be travelling the same route around then.


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