Boats cruising to the Kimberley 2012.

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    I know about 3 boats heading from Airlie Beach in May. See the News and Events page.

    I have also heard a rumour about a few other boats, possibly out of Victoria, also heading to the Kimberley this year. Can anybody expand on this please?

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    We are heading up on Mabuhay with Iron Prince alongside. Possibility of two others joining us. Should be leaving Airlie beach before the end of May.

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    We will be in Airlie from 5th to 9th May. Heading for Hamo on the 9th to pick up some friends coming to Cairns with us, them off to Cairns on the 10th.

    It would be good if all the crews could catch up for a beer if the boats are there then.

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    Robbie Standaloft

    Hi all from Sunny Darwin, and firstly Ross congratulations on the web site, well done. Looks like us Darwin Boys got the jump on you all this year as several of us headed over for Easter in April. These included Anchee 3 my boat of course, SV Enigma, MV Y-Not, MV Ellora, MV The Boss, MV Aerial and MV Kelly Lee. A great trip for up to two weeks for some of us blessed with little or no wind on the way over, but up to 45knts on the way back. I was at the King George at the time and there was the treat of a possible low forming so decided to take the 240nml rum line for 34 hours back to Darwin, definitely the Blown Apart Gulf this trip. The good news however is there was plenty off water and as always the area was spectacular. If I can be of any help to anyone heading over this year please dont hesitate to give me a call. Robbie Standaloft, General manager Cullen Bay Marina [email protected]

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    Thanks Robbie. We are on the way. Iron Prince left Airlie Beach on 10th May and we left yesterday. Mabuhay is unfortunately sitting on the hard at Able Point Marina installing rebuilt engines, but they expect to get under way in about 2 weeks. I think the new engines will be run in by the time they reach Darwin.
    Photo below is Iron Prince on her way out of Able Point Marina.

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    R&R and Iron Prince are in Cooktown (18th May) A strong wind warning is forecast for the next few days, so we are looking forward to a good push up the rest of the Queensland coast with 30 knots behind us.

    We met another boat also heading for the Kimberley “Dramac III”. On board are Richard and Faye from Victoria.

    Check out the video taken today as we passed Iron Prince.[embed][/embed]

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    29th May. R&R and Gramac 3 are at Seisia waiting for the strong wind warning in the gulf to blow over. The weekend is looking good for a crossing with 10-20 knots forecast.

    Mabuhay has had a few minor teething problems with her rebuilt engines, but is continuing up the coast and they hope to be in Seisia to cross the gulf this weekend as well. They were near Port Douglas this morning when I spoke to Rob.

    Iron Prince is in Gove. They crossed the Gulf earlier this week and hit some atrocious weather north of Groote Island. I believe they got well and truly hammered in huge seas. Everyone on board is OK, but some gear was lost overboard. How about an update on the forum Grant?

    Another vessel heading to the Kimberley, Gramac 5, is also in Gove.

    Photo Below – “Gramac 3” loading fuel off Sea Swift barge “Malu Chief” at Seisia wharf.

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    Rod Baker

    Whats the weather looking to for pulling out of Seisia and heading to Darwin. Safe cruising when you do.

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    We,re in Gove with Mabuhay, and Gramac 3. They both had a great crossing, but we had a bumpy one with up to 3.5M swell and seas up to 2.5 at times. I was looking at the peaks of the waves out the wheelhouse window, 5M above water level. Gramac 3 left the day before us and Mabuhay the day after us, and they got none of that. I guess that is the “luck of the draw” when crossing the gulf.

    We did well though, averaged 17.4 knots and the boat performed superbly. Cant say the same for the foredeck hand. She only set foot on the bridge once very early in the trip, and the tomato plants in the deck veggy garden are looking very salt damaged.

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    Its been one of those years, blowin its backside off in the Kimberley aswell.Spoke to Alex today,Mcgowan Island is eagerley awaiting the arrival of all vessel’s to the Kimberley this year. They have 20,000 litres of diesel onsite at the moment,if more required or drums of petrol i’d get jim moving early.(He’s getting slower as the weather gets colder)

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    Ran into John Hughan off Shoestring 2 at Dinah Beach Yacht Club Yesterday. They are sailing in a fortnight and hoping to make it to the Berkley for the party. He also mentioned they were keen to share costs on pax transfers into the kimberley this year, john can be contacted by email:shoestring2[email protected]

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    We are happy to write that all 5 vessels that cruised from the east have safely reached Cullen Bay in Darwin, although not without some incidents and stories to tell. We’ll leave it up to the individuals to tell their own tales. R&R suffered a bit of wear and tear with both engine raw water pump seals leaking badly and both exhaust bellows coming to life’s end after 5 years. We’re in Perth and hopefully Dan from NT Marine Electrical & Engineering will have it all fixed when we get back to Darwin later this week.

    We had a great barbq on board R&R before we left with old friends and new. Mostly KCCYC members. Ross is promising to update our blog when we get back to R&R and publish a few photos. Have a look on next week.

    We are looking foreward to the first KCCYC beach party on 4th July at the mouth of the Berkeley River. So far we think there will be at least 7 boats and over 30 people there. Anyone is welcome to come along to this BYO everything event and have some fun. Guests and staff from the Berkeley Resort have been invited, so we think that, along with the bunch we know are coming off cruising boats, there will be some interesting people there. It is shaping up to be a great day.

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