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    Hi. I am just in the beginning process of getting a catamaran (likely over 15 years old) and was probably not going to insure the boat but I see you cant get into Darwin marina without insurance ( ive read). Do I really need to insure if Im going to be sailing and possibly staying at marinas while I work my way around? Dave

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    Hi Dave,

    Many marina’s require visiting vessels to be insured. Boat insurance is worthwhile from a liability point of view anyway. Just one example – If a friend, or one of your crew slips on your boat’s deck and suffers a serious injury due to your negligence, it’s possible their lawyer, or their insurer will be chasing you for the costs and compensation.

    A marina example might be – you moor your boat with it’s bow sprit and anchor protruding into the marina’s walkway, which is disallowed at most marina’s, and someone walks into the anchor and is hurt, you can just about guarantee the marina’s insurer will be coming after you for the costs. Normally, your boat’s liability insurance would cover such costs.

    Perhaps you should insure your boat for a minimal, but reasonable figure, and with a high deductible to keep the premiums down, but make sure you include at least $10M Liability cover. It’s relatively cheap.

    All the best,


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